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Need your own designs FAST? Simply email us at with your desired transfer tattoo image* (in any format) and tell us how many & how large for each design. Prices start at £6 / $8 or it’s £11 / $20 for an A5 sized sheet full and £19 / $32 for A4. Most orders are shipped within a day!! We don't draw or create new images so make sure they’re ready-to-print (not a photo of a tattoo you like). Call us on +442075034139.

Perfect for parties, pre-testing permanent tattoos, or promoting a product/event. Inkwear is widely used in Hollywood film, TV & stage. Fast tattoos may appear shiny at first, reduce with talc or makeup sealant. 
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bulk and wholesale temporary tattoos

Our Bulk 'Factory' Tattoos for 500+
Highest Qualityin the WORLD 
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Inkwear tattoo templates

Stag Do? Hen Party? Birthday Gift?
Quick and easy templates for every occassion
Just email your order with the name to insert


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'Fast' Tattoo Prices

1-500 tattoos ‘Fast’ process
Charged & Delivered by the sheet 

Each A4 sheet can hold 15-25 average sized tatts. 

1 A5 Sheet (approx 6-12 tattoos) £11 / $20
1 A4 Sheet (approx 20-30 tattoos) £19 / $32
2 x A4 Sheets £32.99 / $53
3 x A4 Sheets £39.99 / $64
4 x A4 Sheets £44.99 / $72
5 x A4 Sheets £55.99 / $90
6 – 9 A4 Sheets £9.99 per sheet

10 sheets + are subject to 20% VAT

10 – 29 A4 Sheets £7.99 per sheet + VAT
30 – 49 A4 Sheets £6.99 per sheet + VAT
50 – 99 A4 Sheets £5.99 per sheet + VAT
100 + A4 Sheets £4.99 per sheet + VAT



 By using our website and service you are agreeing to comply with our terms of service. 

*Inkwear claims no intellectual property rights for the images sent to us by our customers. By emailing images our customers testify that they are the rightful copyright or trademark owner of said images or that they have full permission of the copyight/trademark owner to use said images for reproduction and/or resale or that the images emailed to us are in the public domain or are otherwise free of intellectual property protection.

Inkwear Tm Highest quality temporary tattoos, fast shipping!

Prices discount as you order

USA? Click HERE for our Amazon America stock to receive within a day!

Quick & simple to apply, Inkwear lasts 1-4 days & easily removed

Any questions or to order your very own tattoo designs email
or call
0044 (0)2075034139


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