How can I contact you?
Tel 0044 (0)2075034139 or email

What are they?
Brand new designer temporary tattoos for adults, a beautiful and fun new accessory.

Do you ship abroad?
Yes we ship to any country from London, UK and all orders are posted immediately by standard post (5-7 working days for most detinations). We'll shortly also be establishing ourselved in America to improve delivery times even further.

How long do they last?
1 to 5 days depending on where you put them and how careful you are.

How do they work?
They are water transfers and work like the ones you used to get with chewing gum as a kid. Remove the plastic film, place on the skin, wet the back, slide the paper away.

How fast are they applied?
It takes 20 seconds to apply a tattoo. For custom tattoos you’ll have to cut them out yourself, the closer to the image the better and then wipe off any gel residue.

What’s so good about them?
They’re made with new technology which makes them more detailed, realistic and colourful than any other temporary tattoos.

Can I still shower?
Yes, they’re totally waterproof.

How do I remove them?
With alcohol based remover or baby oil. After a while they simply rub off.

How do I look after them?
Avoid rubbing. Think about which side you sleep on, your desk at work, things like that. If they get dirty just wash them and remember to choose hair-free areas.

How do I get them?
Use our online store, it works by PayPal but you Do not need a Paypal account for our shop or custom service. Just choose the option ‘Don’t have a Paypal account’ and pay by card. Also available on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and in Miss Selfridge stores.

When will they arrive?
We’ll immediately post out your order by standard international or 1st class Royal Mail and they should arrive between 1-3 working days in UK. 

What do I get?
You’ll receive application instructions and a number of square sheets of your chosen tattoos.

How do I create my own tattoo?
See our custom page. You basically email us any image and we’ll send you the tattoos, simple as that.

Can I sell them in my shop or get lots of my own design?
Yes. For large or wholsesale orders please take a look at our bulk/wholesale page or contact

How safe are they?
Very safe. Depending on the production process they’re CE or EN71 EC approved, the only thing that touches your skin is a medical grade adhesive. However, Inkwear is not recommended for those with sensitive skin or under 5′s. If you react in any way simply remove the tattoo with oil, customers take responsibility for product use. Do not place Custom tattoos near the eyes or mouth.

My order hasn’t arrived, what can I do?
Your order will always be despatched immediately, any delays are the responsibility and fault of Royal Mail. As soon as you deem your order to be late let us know at and we’ll trace your order and make sure they get to you one way or another.

My tattoo looks shiny and wrinkly, what can I do?
Wipe away the release gel residue as soon as you apply the tattoo, this will also prevent it becoming dirty later. You can help the process along with a hairdryer or talcum powder. We also suggest avoiding joints where the skin will stretch and move. When dry Inkwear looks like a real tattoo and blends perfectly with your skin.

My tattoo fell off early, how come?
Temp tattoos react differently to different skin. For best results make sure your skin is dry, clean and free of lotions. Avoid rubbing and choose hari-free areas.


Inkwear temporary tattoos, because fashion isn’t permanent.

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